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Congratulations on your engagement! What a very exciting time for you, at Floral Reflections, we strive to help you create the wedding you have imagined since you were little. It is best before you schedule a meeting with us that you have an idea of your color scheme, theme and budget. This will help make the planning much easier. We have been in business for almost over 25 years! Our wedding consultations are completely complimentary. We recommend that you book an appointment with us 6-8 months before your wedding. Please feel free to call or stop in to book. Your wedding is unique which means the cost of your flowers & decorations may vary. Every order is custom.

Corsages & Boutonnières

At most weddings it is a tradition to accent your family and friends with a corsage or boutonnière. Listed below are some most brides in our area traditionally do. 

  • Groom

  • Groomsmen/Usher

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Godparents

  • Flower Pinners

  • Readers

  • Eucharistic Ministers

  • Offertory

  • Program Distributors

  • Mass Servers

  • Vocalist/Organist

  • Cake Cutters

  • Table Servers

  • Guest Book

  • Bridal Attendant 

  • Other

We list other because some of our brides like to have an extra corsage for an aunt or a good friend.

Centerpieces Vases

To our brides we offer a large amount of vases. There is no rental fee if we are providing the flowers for the centerpieces. However you can just rent these vases if you would like.


We update our inventory constantly. We like to stay up on the trends and find the next big thing.


  • Inventory

  • Trumpets

  • Large & Small Squares

  • Elongated Oval Vases

  • Emma Vases

  • Chandelier Vases

  • Large, Medium & Small Fishbowls

  • Large Rectangles

  • Margarita

  • Large & Small Lily Bowls

  • Cylinders (various sizes)

  • Mercury Glass

  • Colored Mason Jars 

  • Colored Bottles

Church Decorations

To add to the ceremony, we have a list of options that you may want to consider.

  • Aisle Cloth

  • Pew Decorations

  • In Loving Memory Arrangement

  • Unity Candle Arrangement

  • Mother’s Roses

  • Archway/Entrance Bouquet

  • Bows, Material, or Wreaths In front of Church

Hall Decorations

Throughout the years our business has expanded tremendously. We now offer a wide variety of items to make your reception look amazing. We are always  looking for new items and updating our inventory. We are unable to list everything. 


  • Flowers of the Cake

  • Table Clothes (variety of colors)

  • Napkins

  • Skirting

  • Draping and Flower Accents for Wedding, Cake and Entrance tables

  • Chair Covers

  • Sashes

  • Overlays 

  • Table Runners

  • Card Boxes

  • Chargers

  • Mirrors

  • Ceiling Decorations

  • Back Drops (various sizes)

  • Pipe & Drape

  • Sign Decorations

  • Draping for Doorways

  • Draping for Walls

  • Up lights

  • & More

We make every wedding bouquet completely custom.  We love collaborating with our clients to help make them stunning pieces of art! 


Church Decorations

Reception Rentals

Skirting - Black, White Ivory - $90 Package or $10/table

Wedding Table - Lights & Material Drape - $60

Cake Table - Lights & Material Drape - $30

Entrance Table - Lights & Material Drape - $30

Table Cloths to the Floor - Variety of Colors and Materials - $15

Addition of Lights to any Table - $5 per table

Backdrop - Large 2 Sections - $100

                      Small 1 Section - $50

Chair Covers - Variety of Colors with a free sash - $2 each customer puts on or $3 each if we put on

Charger Plates - Variety of Colors - $.50

Card Box - Variety of Options - $10

Table Cloths - Banquets - $4.25 they set out or $5 each if we put them out

Napkins - Variety of Colors $.50

Signs - Different Options Available $20-$60

Walls - Simple ribbon to full drape along the walls - $30-$100

Doorways - Variety of Options available - $20-$100

Ceiling - Variety of options available - $100-$??

Bar Decorations - Variety of options available - $50-$200

Pub Tables - Choice of Colors - $25

Uplights - $10

Sequins & Designer Runners - Variety of Color and Materials - $4

Sequins Overlays - Variety of Color and Patters -$12

Table Runners - Variety of Colors and Materials - Wider $2 - Thiner $2

                              $3 If we put on wider - $2 If we put on thiner

Tear Down/Clean Up - We will arrange with the hall - $100-$300

Church Decorations

Aisle Cloth

  1. Paper $40

  2. Cloth $80

Pew Decorations

  1. This varies on what the customer wants $2-?

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